Two days before christmas in the last year of the great 70′s, Karsten was born in to a Norwegian ski family. He puts no shame to the saying: Norwegians are born with skis. With two uncles on the national team and his father as a coach, he was given his first pair of alpine skis for his 2 year birthday. The course was set. 30 years later Karsten is still passionate about his skiing. The mountains are steeper, the snow deeper and the lines creepier. You can follow him here on his latest adventures…

my dearly beloved



I was born in Oslo, Norway, a snowy december night. We later moved to Gjøvik, where I grew up with the best parents you can ask for. They both love skiing and the great outdoors. Being their first born, they probably looked at me as some kind of experiment. For my one year birthday I got my first pair of skis. Blue wooden skis with leather bindings. The year after I got my first real alpine skis, 90 cm long. At age 3 I guess they decided it was time to join the “family business”, so they signed me up and gave me bib nr. 1. With good help from my dad, I finished my first competition.

After 14 years of racing, the adventurer in me decided it was time to do something else. After a year in the states and two years in the army, I packed my bags and moved to Chamonix, France, at the age 20.

I immediately fell in love with the valley, all the good people, the steep mountains and the deep powder. Chamonix has been my home in the winter time ever since.

In the beginning of my free ride career, I joined all competitions I could find in all the disciplines of free skiing. My intention was to get experience in the game and learn from the best, but my main goal was to get to fly helicopter and be in the movies. After reaching some of my goals in competitions, I finally got recognized by one of the worlds best filmmakers, Thierry Donard. After that i quit the competitions and focused 100% on film and photos and enjoying the life of a powder skier like it’s supposed to be. After 6 years of filming with Nuit de la Glisse and their Perfect Moment movies, it was time to move on to new adventures.


Good old times

Hunt for the untouched


Sagafjord Photo Challenge 2013


The first edition of the Sagafjord Photo Challenge was a great success. Amongst the great peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps, surrounding the beautiful Hjørundfjord, 4 teams competed for 4 days to make the best photo slide show. Perfect weather and snow conditions made this one of the most memorable weeks of the year. A big thanks goes out to all the athletes and photographers for making this an unforgettable experience. All 4 teams did an excellent job. A special thanks also to Sagafjord Hotel - for hosting us and providing great service throughout the week.

Watch all the slide shows here:

Team Fjord Tausene
Skiers: Ane Enderud & Kristina Slinning
Photo: Anki Grøthe
Team Sweden
Skiers: Jon Larsson & Emanuel Hedvall
Photo: Lucas Nilsson
Team Randonajs
Skiers: Karsten Gefle og Espen Sollien
Photo: Vegard Breie
Team Traske
Skiers: Glenn Hjorthol og Ole André Skotte
Photo: Olav Standal Tangen


After 24 hours of online voting Team Randonajs, with skiers Espen Sollien and my self and photographer Vegard Breie, could lift the check and celebrate at the opening of X2 Winter Sport Festival.